Tamil Farmers Bring Skulls Of Dead Brethren To Delhi As A Sign Of Protest

A group of farmers from Tamil Nadu, belonging to the areas in and around Trichy, Karur and Thanjavur, have been sitting in a protest at Jantar Mantar since March 14, 2017.

Their key demands include a better drought-relief package for Tamil Nadu’s farmers, since the relief package announced by the government barely covers their losses. After incurring heavy losses as a result of the recent drought (which was officially declared on January 10, 2017), they are finding it difficult to provide even the bare essentials for their families and their own selves. The protesters all belong to the Desiya Thenidhiya Nathigal Inaippu Vivasayigal Sangam, a farmers’ organisation.

As a sign of protest, the farmers, all dressed in green lungis and petticoats, carried dug-up skulls of fellow farmers who have committed suicide due to the drought. Initially, they had tried to move towards the Prime Minister’s residence. However, they were removed by the authorities and taken to Jantar Mantar, instead.

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