What The Media Won’t Tell You About These Two Parents Seeking Justice For Their Son

Bacchi Devi gets up in the early hours of the day as usual and sees a stage being set up across the street. She turns around and goes about her routine. This is not a new sight for her anymore. She has been living at Jantar Mantar for the past four months now. The place is full of protesters. They come here to get justice but, at best, end up being a small part of some report in a newspaper or channel on a slow news day. Bachhi Devi knows it all too well. She’s also one of them. Yet, she and her husband Ravindra Giri are hopeful that their struggle will put their son’s murderers behind bars.

On October 26, 2015, Rahul Giri, a resident of Ghuggus in Chandrapur District, Maharashtra, Bacchi Devi’s son, was murdered in the wee hours of morning. The alleged perpetrators, Sonu Gogla and Shiva Gomewar, were imprisoned after long periods of deliberation on the part of the police and hard work on the part of Bacchi Devi and Ravindra Giri, only to be acquitted by the court in a month.

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